Ma Ya Hai – The sounds that reveberate across the whole universe.
The sounds that bring back peace and authentic beauty
to our Mother Earth, Humanity and all Living Beings

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unique peace project

We invite you to join a worldwide network of tens of thousands
of people immersed in a simple and powerful mantra chanting to dissolve all catastrophes and wars and to bring greater harmony and peace to Mother Earth. Join the chant of the MA YA HAI Mantra. Spread the merciful vibes of peace and healing around the world.


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Ma Ya Hai Mantra Project

Our universe is ever evolving and presently passing through a critical evolutionary stage. We are in the midst of a universal healing and transformative process that is taking the Earth and humanity to a higher, new level of consciousness.

At this junction in human history, urgent global crisis calls us to fully participate in the creation of a New Humanity built upon unconditional love and unity. A change is urgently necessary as the existence of our wonderful Mother Earth, humanity and all sentient beings is at risk. When we truly reconnect with ourselves, with the Earth and with our universe, our actions will spring from universal love and the insight of our interconnectedness. Then we’ll have enough love, strength and awareness to transform the situation humanity is currently facing and restore the balance in ourselves and the great harmony and beauty of our Mother Earth. We are all being called to fully participate in the dawn of a New World built upon unconditional love, unity and peace.


For this reason, the MA YA HAI Global Mantra Project has been initiated by Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi. He is inviting us to create a worldwide network of tens thousands of people chanting the Peace and Protection Mantra MA YA HAI in unison with earth’s key energy places. The MA YA HAI MANTRA was received in the year 2007 by Wei Ling Yi at the Pyramid of the Sun from the spiritual plane. It has great transformative power that can impact our world in a subtle way and bring wholesome changes on the deepest level in the individual and the collective: Chanting the great Mantra MA YA HAI collectively has the potential to build up a radiant protective Qi field. When all of us chant, it will send across powerful vibrations and a loving and compassionate energy which purifies and harmonizes the three great Qi fields of Heaven, Earth and Humanity and allows them to return to their natural state. This will bring about unimaginable positive changes on earth and within each individual.


This project unfolds the enormous power to unite us and remove all imbalances, to avert and resolve disasters, save lives and give health and harmony to all living beings. It is a project shared by all of the YiXue global family. It is hoped that more and more people will join and make it a special project for the whole of humanity.



Everyone can join, anytime and anywhere

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10.000 people worldwide chant daily the mantra Ma Ya Hai for World Peace and connect meditatively to the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacán – Mexico.

The Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacán in Mexico is an extraordinary energetic power place on Earth. It is the current point of our spiritual, virtual journey that we will continue around the globe.

The Digital Ma Ya Hai Mantra Travel

Wei Ling Yi carries out this project combining the amazing powers of the Ma Ya Hai Mantra with a spiritual tour of the earth’s key energy places, such as pyramids and mountains that are vital for a global shift of consciousness. We connect with these places meditatively from the heart. Thereby we activate their inherent regulating and harmonising power. At the same time we receive and use their nurturing and healing energy. The current venue is The Great Pyramid of the Sun – Teotihuacán – Mexico where the Mantra Ma Ya Hai was received. From his higher spiritual perspective Wei Ling Yi recognizes the Sun Pyramid is an important key for the resolution of the current crisis.  


Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi –

Initiator of the Ma Ya Hai

mantra project

Wei Ling Yi’s life is dedicated to serving humanity. One of the most important tasks undertaken by Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi is the harmonization and elevation of the energies of both the cosmic fields on earth as well as on the human level. Due to his high level of energy and consciousness Wei Ling Yi is able to work purposefully and effectively in the field of information which takes place primarily on the Yin Level, the spiritual level, which is invisible to the human eye. 


If one’s own heart is touched by the encounter with him, this is often associated with the feeling of finally having arrived, of being home. Every moment you spend with him is precious, so take advantage of it while you can.