Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

Meeting an extraordinary

spiritual teacher

Wei Ling Yi is an internationally renowned wisdom and consciousness teacher who guides us on our life path in a beautiful, loving and vibrant way. His teachings awaken a timeless truth and wisdom inside our hearts, purifying ourselves, revealing our true inner self, our very essence and bringing the beauty of pure being to the surface. Get to know Wei Ling Yi and his unique and extraordinary teaching in lectures and seminars. His teachings go beyond words. He teaches on the energetic-spiritual level from heart to heart and from soul to soul. His talks carry powerful information infused with immense wisdom, love, and compassion. Such information can touch your life on a deep level and effect profound changes. 

Wei Ling Yi is a fully realized Spiritual Master who lives in union with the cosmic origin – Divine. His great wish and mission is to help everyone opening their heart to reunite with the cosmic origin. In his great vision Wei Ling Yi wants to enable a collective development of consciousness through the life cultivation of many people in order to create a new culture of life – YiXue Culture. A connecting culture of heaven earth and human to enable the necessary paradigm shift through


  • The peaceful revolutionary power of a high consciousness
  • The loving power of the heart and
  • The radiant light of the soul

Meet the Master

Meeting Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi is a precious opportunity. Whether it is his unconditional love, his profound wisdom, or his innate mastery that captures your attention, meeting Wei Ling Yi him is not a casual encounter. It is an experience to awaken your inner self – your soul. Wei Ling Yi’s life is dedicated to serving humanity, and he makes himself available in many ways. If one’s own heart is touched by the encounter with him, this is often associated with the feeling of finally having arrived, of being home. Every moment you spend with him is precious, so take advantage of it while you can.

A Path and Practice that transforms

Wei Ling Yi provides a unique life cultivation system and proven tools to bring out the wisdom of the heart and connect us with our true inner self – the YiXue Life cultivation system. His teaching reveals the path to health, emotional balance and an open heart, enlightenment and ultimately the freedom of the soul. The basis is the work with the cosmic original energy YiQi. It is a truly unique and comprehensive system. It serves to uplift our whole life and humanity through the cultivation of our inner values and heart qualities – Gong De. Explore them to figure out the benefits for you. 

”Everything in the universe and in nature is governed by cosmic laws.
Once we have learned to live in harmony with these laws again
human life and life on earth will drastically change.”