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Ma Ya Hai Testimonials 

The Mantra Ma Ya Hai is so powerful

I try to join Ma Ya Hai meditation every day in a wish for peace. It is so powerful. I sit or stand in front of my altar connected to Sifu and the Sun Pyramid. I also love when I can stand outdoor in our lovely garden singing together with the sound from the beautiful Ma Ya Hai video and also I have the sounds of birds singing around me. It makes me feel the strong energy in the the wish for peace and happiness for Mother Earth and all of us.


The Mantra gives me confidence

This wonderful Ma Ya Hai video should be broadcast on all channels instead of the news! It makes me cry so touching it moves me to take the other by the hand to make a long chain around the globe and take this beautiful secure feeling and pass it on to Mother Earth. We protect each other that our heart can work in peace and respect. Thank you dear spiritual world. I am in confidence


I feel peaceful

I always feel peaceful when I hear the singing. In Bamberg last night was quite a beautiful rainbow 🌈zusehen


This is a very valuable mantra

Just after chanting the mantra for 11 minutes I feel very connected to everything and experience an essential harmonious life with myself, my environment and the world. I see wonderful new relationships forming in the world, bringing healing consciousness into the world. I feel the energy of the universe flowing through me and look forward to living in a world where more and more people are allowing this healing energy to flow through them in every moment. Thank you to the Yixue for spreading this mantra.

Costa Rica

Through the mantra we create infinite vibrations

How beautifully everything changes through singing. Through singing, through which we are allowed to feel our voice, our resonance volume, we create infinite vibrations, so that the world starts to vibrate. A true miracle begins to open, you too can be part of it, it opens the heart. A true dream.


I can feel the information of peace

I can feel how this Mantra for peace, Ma Ya Hai has a strong effect not only outside in the world but also inside my body. It is getting stronger and stronger and changes a bit in time. It reaches deeper and deeper into my heart, into my soul. I can feel the information of peace and happiness inside of me. I can feel the hope for a better future for all of us. The hope of a good change feels so important now in this threatening time.


Dissolving Belief Patterns

Reciting Ma Ya Hai has brought about a change of consciousness in me. This has allowed some of my old belief patterns to dissolve. For example, I can now direct everything in a direction I want with just one thought. So it is always only up to my decision. Where my thoughts are focused, that is where my life now takes place. Only I myself can decide on which side I want to live and participate. And I have chosen the side of light, love and peace. Since then, I can easily step back and renounce. This makes my life much more peaceful and easier. I don't have to get into fights anymore and that is a very liberating feeling.

Grace Louisa

Preventing damage

My family brought something to my attention: it is that in the past there have been many heavy thunderstorms with hail storms in our area. Therefore, for many years, whenever there was a thunderstorm, I stood on the terrace and sang the Ma Ya Hai to prevent any damage to us. Especially this year there were already very bad thunderstorms with huge hailstones in many neighboring villages. But in our village there have been no bad storms at all, except for heavy rain. All the neighbors are puzzled. We think the daily Ma Ya Hai singing helps a lot!


Rainbow Lights of Peace

While reciting the Ma Ya Hai mantra, I see rainbow lights spreading out into the world. These lights are full of peace, love and lightness and joy. Everything is purified and filled with this energy and transformed. Inner peace returns in me and I feel protected and safe.


Gift from Heaven

The mantra MA Ya Hai is a great key, a great gift from Heaven and also for us. We chant for world peace and everything is contained in it: our peace, harmony and balance. Only when we have established peace, harmony and balance within ourselves, then world peace is also possible in families, cities, countries and around the entire globe. Then heaven and earth and fire and water will be in balance again.


Inner Prayer

The developments outside like the "pandemic" and now the war in Ukraine and how the media report about it, let me internalize the Ma Ya Hai more and more, it became like an inner prayer for Mother Earth. So I personally feel, despite adverse circumstances such as family and health, that my heart and also the heart of Mother Earth come more and more into balance. I thank Sifu with all my heart for his teaching and that he nudges me now and then: "You have to practice by yourself! I close with a lotus greeting to all, warmly Elisabeth


Liberation from suffering

Chanting the mantra has a mysteriously powerful effect on the health of my family. Chanting for a sick lotus friend makes me experience variations of healing, for example, my cells dance and I make the other person's cells gyrate. I can send light, feel joy after the tears or anger and express it in voice. I observe solutions from suffering and surprising turns where it has been stagnant for many years.


The Ma Ya Hai saves me

The Ma Ya Hai saves me. With the Ma Ya Hai I can create an atmosphere of goodwill


A weightless state

When Wei Ling Yi recommended reciting Ma Ya Hai more in 2021, I tried to put my personal desires and goals behind and finally put my focus on the inner work with the mantra. Every day I practiced with it and worked on myself to achieve a good effect. In the process, always connected to nature, I have invited all the plants and mountains to recite together and again and again I receive a beautiful and good information. This I send immediately - with a thought - to the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico. So an increasingly weightless state develops with me, beyond space and time, very easily, especially when I consciously go into silence. Also at work, especially in pressure situations or cramped spaces, when the Feng Shui is not so good, I succeed more and more in bringing these powerful, harmonious moments and thus regulating the respective situation. In the meantime this happens almost automatically. For many years I have practiced intensively every day and I know about the strong effects of Sifu's teaching and the exercises, if you stick to it. I am always amazed about the strong effect of the practice of Ma Ya Hai - after one year - and I am happy every day to have the special honor to help all living beings, the earth, the cosmos and to contribute to a good development here on earth.


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