Vision and  transformational power of the project

A new Dawn and Era emerges for Humanity –
the Age of the Great Sun
Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

The Mantra MA YA HAI was received by Wei Ling Yi in 2007 over the pyramids of Teotihuacán in Mexico from the spiritual plane. It is particularly important in the current crisis. As humanity has lost the understanding of its true cosmic embeddedness, the balance between the heaven, earth and humans is disrupted. This instability has resulted in the current crisis with endless disasters  like floods, fires, earthquakes and human warfare etc.. We have lost access to our hearts and souls. We have lost ourselves in the outside, in matter, instead of turning inwards to open ourselves to the knowledge and wisdom of higher dimensions. We are not living in harmony with nature and the laws of life – the so called Dao‘.


As a consequence of the still prevailing materialistic consciousness over millennia unhealthy information was stored in the individual and global information field. Up till today these still influence the behavior of our society and trap us in a web of cyclical dependence. The cosmos and the earth are suffering from these conditions. From the energetic point of view the cosmic Qi, earthly Qi and human Qi are in great disharmony. The Qi of our Mother Earth is so blocked that it is almost impossible for it to drain or transform the diseased Qi. The pathogenic Qi is so stuck it adheres like a thick firm layer of dirt, so the planet can barely breathe. The effects of these issues are currently evident by the increased natural disasters. Wide spread destruction and pollution of Mother Earth is endangering her existence and that of all her life forms, including human beings.


Collectively chanting the great mantra MA YA HAI has the potential to build a radiant, protective Qi field. The empowering and healing energies penetrate, purify and harmonize the three great Qi fields of heaven, earth and man, allowing them to return to their natural state. This will bring about unimaginable positive changes on earth and in every human being.


Through his great vision and conscious wisdom, teacher Wei Ling Yi wishes to enable a collective evolution and development of consciousness through the life cultivation of many people. He wants to enable the creation of a new life culture that is based on  an all embracing unity and an all-encompassing consciousness.

World healing lies in each one of us, in the development of life cultivation,
and return to the cosmic truth. Everyone that chooses to cultivate into balance and wholeness, freeing themselves from old thought patterns and belief systems will contribute to the healing and evolution of collective consciousness and peace on earth.
Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi