Yi Dao Yi Lu

The development of Yi Dao Yi Lu

Platform and bridge in the
digital spiritual network
of the YiXue

”We understand the path Yi Dao Yi Lu as a century project, born from the deepest heart, carried by idealistic goals and high ethical values. This project carries the power to contribute to change in the world with the mission to write and realize a new chapter in the development and evolution of spirituality.”

The precarious situation in the world has prompted the representatives* of the YiXue wisdom culture to initiate and build an innovative digital platform for today’s world together with all cultivators. This platform is called Yi Dao Yi Lu. It is realized through a development, communication and exchange platform that we build, connect and disseminate through the worldwide digital network.


The spiritual bridge Yi Dao Yi Lu finds its starting point in the spiritual YIN world – we call it the Heavenly Paradise Tian Fu. It unites via our spiritual connection and recitation of the YiXue protection mantra Ma Ya Hai with the extraordinary energetic power place on earth – the Pyramid of the Sun of Teotihuacán in Mexico. Here begins as an earthly initial point our spiritual, virtual journey, which we will continue around the globe and is at the same time the initiation of the new platform Yi Dao Yi Lu. It pioneeringly enables the elevation of consciousness in the information age of the 20th and 21st centuries; a directional mission of YiXue with the goal of uniting all nations, living beings and all humanity in peace.

This bridge continues the spiritual path of YiXue through a contemporary communication platform to spread the great wisdom culture, life philosophy and way of life that Grand Master and Consciousness Master Wei Ling Yi has been teaching worldwide for many decades.

So it will also be possible to exchange with Wei Ling Yi through this communication and working platform. It will be possible to ask him about all important questions of life like spiritual development. He will give answers to urgent questions of our time like the worldwide situation, natural disasters and global crises.

The new platform Yi Dao Yi Lu carries the potential to promote our own personal development and at the same time to serve the whole. We can train our holistic abilities and integrate our own multidimensional spiritual platform into the world-wide network with the great goal of supporting a paradigm shift on earth as individuals and in the community.

In the spiritual world, a world that knows no boundaries and that we open up step by step, we can travel together, explore unknown worlds, connect feng shui with the cosmos and develop the personal lotus path on the “path of ONE into the unity of heaven, earth and man”.

“The Yi Dao Yi Lu platform and its network will span the space-time fabric and all material worlds with the great goal of uniting the heavenly and earthly planes in their perfection.” 

Our future, the future of humanity, has long been defined in essence and information by an innovative, multidimensional spiritual way of seeing and living. Increasingly, people’s hearts will yearn for and open up the true inner worlds (YIN). The needs for the superficial, materialistically oriented world (YANG), which has been present until now, will dwindle.

Our spiritual, mental power is infinite, even if many people do not know it yet. Through the connection through the Yi Dao Yi Lu platform, we will succeed, connect, communicate and exchange with each other, overcoming obstacles together. The different worlds will unite in their truthfulness and in peace: all nations, living beings and all humanity will become ONE and create a livable future from the present.

“Let us transform the fledgling idea of this project into spiritual-mental power and realize it on earth.
Let us explore together the secrets of life and the universe to promote the spiritual development of humanity,
so that harmony, empathy and the Great Love can be realized in every human being.
May man, nature, earth and heaven unite in harmony for the benefit of all.” 

So we say that with ONE thought, THOUSANDS of thoughts are realized, – a metaphor for our mental, spiritual power that will lead humanity into a new, luminous and light-filled SUN TIME. Everyone regardless of ethnicity, national origin and culture, all people can follow the path of Yi Dao Yi Lu.

“May the potential of Yi Dao Yi Lu open up to reveal itself- recognized by the public and society –
on the world stage.”

Shared Wisdom by Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

Wei Ling Yi shares important words of wisdom on the current time from his soul. What he offers in his text is beyond the words. The words themselves are filled with information, light and power. Contemplating these expressions can touch our heart, awaken wisdom inside our hearts and igniting true insight.