Yi Qi Tong – the cosmic gate to World Peace

For many years, and even more intensified in the past two years, Grand Master Wei Ling Yi, together with all members of the global YiXue community, has dedicated a significant part of his work to regulating and harmonising the energies and imbalances in the global energy and information field. Through spiritual, mental power we can raise the light and energy in ourselves and in the world on the YIN level. This valuable work transforms negative information and helps to mitigate or even dissolve natural disasters, crises and wars.

Because of the threatening scale of conflicts and wars, the current focus of energetic work is on world peace. As part of this regulation, Wei Ling Yi has set up a unique energy field called ‘Yi Qi Tong’ at the International YiXue Education Centre for Life Cultivation in Beelitz near Berlin on 30 September 2022.

In this interview, Wei Ling Yi conveys how, through our spiritual heart power and meditative connection with the Yi Qi Tong, we can together mitigate the effects of wars and global crises to create a livable and peaceful future for the benefit of all living beings and Mother Earth.

Mr Wei Ling Yi, you set up a special energy field at the YiXue Educational Centre for Life Cultivation in Beelitz near Berlin on 30 September 2022. You call it ‘Yi Qi Tong’. You want to contribute to world peace with it. 

What exactly is the Yi Qi Tong? What is so special about it?

The Yi Qi Tong is a particularly important energy field with regard to the current time and world situation. It carries the information and the power to avert and transform disasters, earthly suffering and bitterness. Yi Qi Tong means: continuous connection of our earth to heaven. With this central energy channel – light bridge – the earth and the centre of the universe, which we call Yi Qi, are connected in great harmony. It is a cosmic gateway. 

What makes the Yi Qi Tong so powerful and important is its ability to channel energies and lights from the highest dimensions, the origin of the cosmos, so that they can flow purely and powerfully onto the earth. These energies have a high transformative power. They penetrate, purify and harmonise the three great Qi fields of heaven, earth and man, allowing them to return to their natural Yin-Yang balance. This makes the Yi Qi Tong the best energy field to regulate global information and energies. Mercy, wisdom and deep peace unfold. Disasters and wars can be averted and resolved and lives can be saved.

The method of Yi Qi Tong comes from our tradition of YIXUE culture. Our great aim is to spread peace around the world through the joint energy work of as many people as possible. It is hoped that more and more people will join and make it a special work for all humanity. 

You teach in your lectures that this work is a form of energy and information work that goes beyond the third dimension and takes place on the spiritual level, the YIN level. How does this work? 

During this collective consciousness work, we connect meditatively from the heart with central energy places on earth such as pyramids and mountains, which are crucial for a global shift in consciousness. In doing so, we activate their inherent regulating and harmonising power. At the same time we receive and use their nurturing and healing energy. Our current places of power are the Great Pyramid of the Sun – Teotihuacán – Mexico and the Yi Qi Tong in Beelitz near Berlin. 

This practice offers a way to unite people around the world in a form of shared consciousness that amplifies collective energy for the benefit of the world. The more people with an aligned, compassionate energy participate and connect in this energy work, the greater the power to regulate the cosmos, the earth and all living beings. 

There are testimonials of how people who practise this method experience an amazing sense of well-being and deep peace with feelings of happiness. These cosmic energies work in every human being and are crucial for our health, well-being and happiness as well as the individual and collective spiritual ascension process. We absorb the energy and subtle essences from the cosmos and nature to work with them in the body, to store them and transform them into light in order to be able to resonate with the higher dimensions of our cosmic origin. It is possible for everyone to connect back there and receive the healing forces and information. Here lies hidden the key to true harmony and peace, which we can realise with the help of this work. If the spiritual-energetic heart is opened, we can open all paths within us, and thus unite our microcosm with the macrocosm – heaven – in harmony. In this way we can create the balance within us and the great harmony and beauty of our Mother Earth.

Why is such work important at the moment?

All human beings, all living beings have a common origin and root and are one big family. Our hearts are connected through universal love. Actually there is no separation between me and you, between you and us, between yours and mine. The heart of the earth, the heart of heaven and the heart of humanity are ONE. They are one HEART.

But unfortunately, humanity no longer follows the natural laws of the cosmos and nature, even though they are the fundamental laws of all life. Far too often we see ourselves only as individuals living separately from each other. Although we are one big family, we show each other little respect, appreciation and love. Although our original heart is kind in its essence, filled with great mercy, great compassion and great love, people and whole nations fight each other. Neverending wars hover like mighty shadows on the earth and the hearts of men. We have lost the sight of and gratitude for life. Yet we are all connected and what one person does, affects the whole world. When one does kindness, it spreads to the whole of humanity.

It is high time that we realise that great mercy and great compassion, great love and great kindness and our true tolerance can dissolve natural disasters, wars, suffering and bitterness on earth. We should avoid conflict and strife and not harbour selfishness or war. In essence, we are all ONE and all living beings are equal. 

We consider the Yi Qi Tong as a gift of great importance to humanity. It is born out of the universal love for all life and the deep desire to spread peace on earth. It is linked to the great vision of contributing to the change that will lead the Earth and humanity to a higher, new level of consciousness. The YiQi Tong has the power to awaken and unite people’s hearts.