Ong A Hong – Peace is the Power

Ong A Hong – Peace is the Power

by Lotus Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

Peace is the hope of the world and hope carries power. Power is like a mountain and peace is like the sea. The mountains sing and the sea wails. Majestically, the Alps awaken like a sublime dragon, looking far across the land.

Hear! The song of the dragon: deep, majestic, sad, compassionate and loving at the same time. Listen carefully to the song! 

Alps … Ah Ong … Ah hong … Ong A Hong 

– the wondrous music of heavenly sounds – suddenly shaking the Alps, piercing the mountain range, piercing the sky and space. 

The beautiful, majestic-looking Alps rise imposingly like a massive, sacred dragon. Watching over Europe, he protects the life, peace and well-being of all people. 

Oh, beloved Alps, beloved Alpine Mother: Seven children – seven countries – you have given birth to. For many generations you have united them into one family in friendship and harmony, in peace and happiness. 

The mountain top of the “Virgin” – the holy woman – is wrapped in silver, as delicate as silk. Beautiful as a flower, she radiates softly and lovingly, compassionate, generous and full of peace. Her singing sounds like a heavenly song, enchanting and beautiful. The sound of her voice, the most beautiful sound in the world, beautiful like the sacred “Ong A Hong”. 

For peace in the world, a world full of harmony, the Blessed Virgin invites all to join the radiant white palace of light. She initiates all people and lotus friends to sing the sacred chant “Ong A Hong” with a unified heart. 

May the wind sing, the thunder roar, the sky shake, the earth tremble, the mountains call and the sea wail. May all shout together: “Stop the war! Keep the peace, the peace on earth, the peace of the world”.

Hear! Everyone needs peace. Every family needs peace. Every grandfather needs peace and every grandmother. Every father needs peace and every mother. Every grandchild needs peace and every granddaughter. Everyone needs peace. 

The Holy Virgin, the Holy Virgin needs peace

Holy Virgin of Song
The Alps, the most sublime mountain range in southern Europe,
stretch far and high over 1200 kilometres in length,
crossed by the Donau, the second largest river in Europe. 
The white, highest mountain – Mont Blanc –
shines in silver light, melting ice and snow
Enchantingly, the Holy Virgin sings the  “Ong A Hong”
The high consciousness unfolds,
the alps dragons ride through the infinity of space.
The Mother of the Alps has given birth to seven children 
Seven countries embracing the Alps 
The Blessed Virgin raises her arms and calls out: many, many people will respond 
We push the clouds aside,
so that the sun shines on the earth and reconciles hearts
World peace illuminates  the earth in great holiness