The path towards a humane, innovative & forward-looking civilisation


Today we have the great fortune to invite Mr. Wei Ling Yi from the YiXue Education Centre near Berlin for an interview. Mr. Wei Ling Yi has been engaged in modern consciousness development for many decades and imparts the universal knowledge and wisdom of spirituality. He dedicates his commitment above all to the exploration of the holistic science of life, which encompasses the body, the mind, the heart and the soul as well as the secrets of the universe and expresses itself through the training and education of his students and all those interested on the path of life cultivation.

Wei Ling Yi has always been dedicated to the exchange between the cultures of East and West in order to bring together their spiritual perspectives. His aim is to guide and pave the way for a humane, innovative and forward-looking civilisation in order to unite all nations, living beings and the whole of humanity in peace.

I: Mr Wei Ling Yi, first of all we would like to thank you for this interview. In your current teachings you mention the phrase:
“SHI BU SHI, SHI WU WO” – what exactly is behind this phrase?

W: This phrase is about the meaning of a spiritual teacher – “SHI” means teacher. According to our tradition, a spiritual teacher inherits the task of teaching people and accompanying them on the path of life cultivation. He teaches the culture of wisdom and the information of the soul codes. He bears the responsibility and shoulders the development and establishment of a new, innovative holistic culture.

A true spiritual teacher is connected to heaven, earth and human beings at the same time. He should always be a role model: embodying true ethical values, always striving for spiritual truthfulness.

From ancient times to modern times, a great teacher bears a reliable name of a traditional lineage. At the same time, he remains nameless and constantly strives for modesty. He shines like a candle that lights itself to illuminate others. In quiet devotion he acts like a diligent gardener.

A spiritual teacher teaches and educates people and shows them the way so that they learn to be good people themselves. They see teaching as their most important task. They train people’s hearts with their hearts and they train people’s appreciative, respectful behaviour through their own appreciation and respect.

True teachers teach the meaning of “She 舍”: teaching with ONE heart, being compassionate and selfless, as if he were without SELF. So, figuratively, one can say: I am a teacher. Each one of us can be a teacher. At the same time: A teacher is not a teacher. A teacher is without SELF. I am a teacher. Everyone is my teacher: “SHI BU SHI, SHI WU WO”.