Only our love can save the earth

An interview with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

One of the most important tasks of Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi is his spiritual work in the global information field to regulate worldwide energy flows and regulate disasters, crisis and wars and we can all support him in this work. In this interview, Wei Ling Yi conveys how we can work together to mitigate global crises through our spiritual heart power and recitation of the protective mantra Ma Ya Hai to create a livable and peaceful future for the benefit of all living beings and Mother Earth.

What happens during the joint energy work in the global information field?

This work is a form of energy and information work that goes beyond the third dimension and works on the spiritual level, the YIN level. It is a form based on thought power and spiritual healing. The more people with aligned, compassionate energy participate and connect in an energy transmission, the higher the power to regulate the cosmos, the earth and all living beings. We have been doing this work in YiXue for many years and the experience shows us that we achieve good effects. Important during an energy regulation is the power of faith, the belief in one’s own power and the possibility to do good together. The goal is that through the joint energy work of as many people as possible, the energies of the cosmos, the earth and the human being find their way back into the natural yin-yang balance.

What can we do concretely? And how can we contribute to solving global problems?

The YiXue spiritual tradition is about exploring the connection between spirit and matter, to learn about our spiritual power and to increase our dynamic life energy. We train the power and speed of our thoughts to bring about good in the world. Scientists have found that thoughts carry power and that thoughts that carry high power can accomplish much. This spiritual power is the power we use when we work with energy transmissions in the global information field. It is important that, in addition, the spiritual power of the heart is high, the heart is compassionate and carries and radiates good information. Hope also carries power and good wishes that we can express from the heart to bring about good.

We can also chant mantras. In our culture, we recite or chant the protective mantra Ma Ya Hai. The sound waves of the mantra carry high vibrational information and energies to harmonize cosmic qi, earthly qi and our qi. To evolve ourselves, we can repent and apologize for our unconscious behavior. Asking for forgiveness carries a high transformative power.

We should also learn to listen to the cosmos and the earth again. The cosmos and the earth speak to us through the exchange of energies and information, one could also say telepathically. For we will only return to global harmony and peace when we again cooperate with the earth and the cosmos and align ourselves with the cosmic laws.

The real problem is that we as humans no longer abide by the natural laws of the cosmos, and there are cosmic laws that we must observe if we want to live healthily, holistically and in peace with heaven, earth and man. The cosmos and nature also have their natural laws. They carry consciousness, a high consciousness, they also have a soul, and they follow their tasks.

From a heavenly point of view, from a spiritual perspective, we should realize that through our unconscious behavior we are harming the earth, the cosmos and therefore ourselves. We should get to know the laws of life and rediscover and unfold our spiritual power, our spiritual strength. Everything consists of energy. Every energy carries an information and every thought carries an information. And the question is, what quality does the information carry, how much power, what intention is behind a thought, behind words and deeds.

The path to consciousness leads through silence. In meditation we can gain insights and develop wisdom from them. This is the path and an often years-long, a lifelong, holistic process we call life cultivation with the goal of healing the body, balancing the emotional heart and unfolding the soul light. The higher our energy level rises, the healthier, freer and happier we become.

Why is such work so important at this time? 
The three levels – cosmos, earth and man – are currently in great disharmony. They are no longer in balance. The cosmic qi, the earthly qi and the human qi are getting more and more into a chaotic state and there are increasing problems. The cosmos and the earth are suffering from the present conditions. Regulation on their part is shown, for example, by the increase in natural disasters.

Who is responsible for the chaos on earth?
From the multidimensional, energetic perspective, we humans have affected cosmic qi, earthly qi and also our own qi through our behavior. Problems are popping up all over the world. It affects all countries.

And as I said before, many people no longer follow the natural laws, neither do we listen to the spiritual, heavenly guides, you can also call them saints, whose task is to teach us how to raise our consciousness and unfold wisdom. If we open our consciousness to these spiritual levels, we will realize how we are all connected through a gigantic energetic information network.

Yet many people have problems, are angry and upset. The interference is now so massive that the cosmos and also the earth can no longer bear this burden. Now they have begun to regulate themselves. Especially in recent years, a lot has happened: many disasters appear, such as floods, long periods of heat, fire disasters, volcanoes erupt, the outbreak of the Corona crisis. Nature reacts. It’s similar to us humans, when we have a lot of stress permanently, we get sick. For example, if we catch a cold, then our body and our defenses start to work to regulate themselves again.

Many people are driven by greed and exploit the earth. This greed is the real reason why the balance between heaven and earth and the harmony and peace between all living beings have been lost. Humans are willing to wage wars and fight to advance their interests. Through the desire to possess more and more, the eternal striving for power, for money and possessions, many people have lost access to their heart and soul. They lose themselves in the outside, in matter, instead of turning inward to open themselves to the knowledge and wisdom of higher dimensions.

Man is responsible for his own problems. But many people do not yet realize this. They feel at the mercy of others, are afraid and pass on the responsibility. Others again realize that we are responsible for it ourselves. But they don’t care and behave disrespectfully towards the earth and other living beings. 

One problem is the emotions in the heart, which have enormous power. The spiritual leaders, saints in heaven, but also deceased, our ancestors, they are actually afraid of bad thoughts, of unbalanced emotions of us humans and the power associated with them. By now it is well known how powerful thoughts can be and that we create our world, our reality through our thoughts. Human beings carry yin and yang information. When both sides are in balance, we are holistically healthy, the body, the heart and the soul. It is important that we learn to quickly regulate and balance our emotions when we lose our stability. If we are in our center, peace can unfold in our heart.

Only our love can save the earth, what does this wisdom mean? 
It is high time that we realize that only our respect, mercy and compassion can end the suffering on earth. Only by growing and opening our hearts can we prevent problems such as natural disasters, wars and misfortunes. People who are highly cultivated are in the natural yin-yang balance, their energy level is high. They appeal to us that we should not harm other living beings, the earth and the cosmos. If we harm others, we are basically harming ourselves. Everything that we give out in information, about our thoughts, about our words, about our way of acting, comes back to us many times over according to the law of resonance and the law of cause and effect – bad as well as good.

Start with yourself!
We should be ready to change ourselves. Only when we unfold the peace in our heart, we change the world through our good radiance. These are ancient human wisdoms and it is possible for every human being to learn to evolve to a high level of consciousness in order to unfold the heart qualities such as respect, truthfulness, kindness, empathy and love for their own good and for the good of all.