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Ong A Hong – Peace is the Power

by Lotus Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi Peace is the hope of the world and hope carries power. Power is like a mountain and peace is like the sea. The mountains sing and the sea wails. Majestically, the Alps awaken like a sublime dragon, looking far across

Yi Qi Tong – the cosmic gate to World Peace

For many years, and even more intensified in the past two years, Grand Master Wei Ling Yi, together with all members of the global YiXue community, has dedicated a significant part of his work to regulating and harmonising the energies and imbalances in the global

The path towards a humane, innovative & forward-looking civilisation

INTERVIEW WITH GRANDMASTER WEI LING YI Today we have the great fortune to invite Mr. Wei Ling Yi from the YiXue Education Centre near Berlin for an interview. Mr. Wei Ling Yi has been engaged in modern consciousness development for many decades and imparts the universal

The Questions of these Times

by Lotus Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi In today’s world, natural and environmental disasters are disrupting, severely impacting and destroying the world. Hostility, greed and the quest for power are rampant throughout the world. Increasingly, humanity is experiencing suffering and bitterness from crises, wars, from hardships

The power of the sacred tones Ma Ya Hai

The YiXue protective mantra Ma Ya Hai first sounded over the pyramids of Teotihuacán in 2007 during the Da Di Feng Shui trip with Wei Ling Yi to Mexico. Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi travels back in time  and tells us the story of the origin of

Only our love can save the earth

An interview with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi One of the most important tasks of Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi is his spiritual work in the global information field to regulate worldwide energy flows and regulate disasters, crisis and wars and we can all support him in this